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TR-NWR Fort Hills Mod Assembly, Pipe, Structural, E&I and Insulation

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Module Assembly of Pipe and Structural, E&I and Insulation of 53 Modules.


Fifty-three (53) Modules, Structural Assembly, Pipe Assembly, E&I, Insulation.  Included modifications to supplied Equipment (vessels), tie-in welding, structural and pipe fabrication as required.


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131 (2)

Husky Wellpads, Wellpairs and & CPF Facilities

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Husky Energy

Wellpads 5-8 wellpairs & CPF Facilities


Wellpad: Fabrication, Assembly, E&I and Insulation of Up to 18 Modules and 1 ship loose piping package
CPF: Fabrication, Assembly, E&I and Insulation of 15 Modules and 13 ship loose piping packages


Project Start: 2015 - Present

Project Completion: 13 Wellpad facility projects & 4 CPF Projects

Wellpad – 3.5 Months
CPF – 8 Months

Safety @ Completion: 0 TRIF/0 LTI

Total FDI:
Wellpad:  6860.5 FDI per Wellpad 
CPF: 39,752 FDI per CPF

Total Assembly:
Wellpad: 3050 LM Pipe installed x 13 /
CPF: 3450 LM Pipe Installed x 4 + Ship loose spools hydrotested

Total Cable Tray:
Wellpad: 584 LM
CPF: 1242 LM

Total Cable Pulled:
Wellpad: 4235 LM
CPF: 2045 LM

Total EHT & Glycol trace Installed:
Wellpad: 1627 LM
CPF: 4185 LM

Total Insulation:
Wellpad: 3183LM (+ 756 Soft Covers)
CPF: 2249 LM (+ 415 Soft Covers)

Base Load of Module yard – Program to complete 4 Wellpads per year and 1 CPF Facility.

Central Processing Facilities:

Well Pads:


Fluor Fort Hills Module Assembly

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Fluor Fort Hills

Module Assembly for Fort Hills Energy LP Utilities Project


Assembly, E&I and Insulation of seventeen (17) Modules  


Project Start: February 2016

Project Completion: August 2016

Duration: 7 Months

Safety @ Completion: 0 TRIF/0 LTI/0 Medical/2 Property Damage/1 Near Miss

Weld Repair @ Completion: 1.89%

Total FDI: *Tie in welds only (supplied spools) 6887 FDI

Total LM Pipe: 2825 LM

Total KGs Steel: 746,577 KGS

Total EHT: 3546 LM

Total Cable: 6380 LM (1263 LM tray) 

Total Insulation: 2125 LM, 8 Pieces of Equipment (vessels), Soft Covers

Past Work

Past Work

Case Studies


CNRL Mod Fab and Assembly

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Module Fabrication and Assembly for Kirby North 19A Tank Farm

Fabrication and Assembly of 14 Modules and 4 Ship Loose Pipe packages, including Electrical, Instrumentation and Insulation


Project Start: September 2017

Project Completion: May 2018

Duration: 7 months

Safety @ Completion: 0 First Aid / 0 LTI / 0 TRIF / 1 Medical / 1 Modified Duty / 1 Near Miss

Weld Repair Percentage @ Completion: 1.7%

Total FDI: 28,912 FDI

Total LM Pipe: 7080 LM Installed (+ Hydro of Ship Loose Pipe spools)

Total KGs Steel: 586,507 KGs Fabricated and Erected

Total EHT: 11,667 LM

Total Cable: 3081 LM (+ 2442 LM Cable Tray)

Total Insulation: 4129 LM (+ 397 soft covers)

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing
Gemini employs a talented group specializing in hydrostatic pressure testing. Our facility location, available shop and yard space allows us to efficiently test various arrangements, sizes and pressure of piping and equipment in a safe and secure manner.
  • Modified and custom piping hydro testing
  • Client train testing
  • Glycol and Methanol



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