Husky Energy – Collaborative Partner 2019

Creating solid, trusted partnerships is always a long road. It takes effort on both ends to build a solid foundation that both partners can build on. Husky Energy and Gemini Fabrication is one of those partnerships. Husky Energy and Gemini Fabrication working together has seen many projects come to a successful completion.

Due to the successful collaborative efforts on both sides, Gemini Fabrication has presented Husky Energy with our ‘Collaborative Partner of the Year’ award. Gemini welcomed some of the Husky Energy staff to our downtown Calgary office to celebrate with a great lunch, some awards and as always – some awesome Gemini Fabrication SWAG!

Congratulations to Husky Energy and we look forward to another year working alongside such an amazing team!


Gemini Fabrication Celebrates It’s One Year Anniversary

Here we are, one year later! Today, October 1st, 2019; Gemini Fabrication celebrates it’s one year anniversary. It’s been exactly one year since Gemini Fabrication hit the ground running and what an amazing year it’s been. Today was a day of reflection and celebration as the whole team got together for another one of our famous Staff BBQ’s. We had staff join us from all over Alberta as we came together in celebration of our accomplishments over this past year.

All of us at Gemini Fabrication are excited to move into our second year of operation and continue to bring our very best to the table in 2020. It’s going to be another year of challenges and wins and we’re looking forward to growing as a team and as a company.