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Fluor Fort Hills

Module Assembly for Fort Hills Energy LP Utilities Project


Assembly, E&I and Insulation of seventeen (17) Modules  


Project Start: February 2016

Project Completion: August 2016

Duration: 7 Months

Safety @ Completion: 0 TRIF/0 LTI/0 Medical/2 Property Damage/1 Near Miss

Weld Repair @ Completion: 1.89%

Total FDI: *Tie in welds only (supplied spools) 6887 FDI

Total LM Pipe: 2825 LM

Total KGs Steel: 746,577 KGS

Total EHT: 3546 LM

Total Cable: 6380 LM (1263 LM tray) 

Total Insulation: 2125 LM, 8 Pieces of Equipment (vessels), Soft Covers