Come with us on a journey to meet some of Gemini’s experts. In this upcoming video interview series we’ll talk to some of the leaders and industry experts who help make Gemini Fabrication the #1 Fabricator in Western Canada.



Gemini Fabrication will employ up to 100+ skilled workers. This will boost the Alberta economy and bring an economically viable project to life creating long-term employment.



U.S. President-elect, Joe Biden has stated his administrations commitment to lowering carbon emissions as part of his Presidential campaign and one of those promises is to revoke the permit on the U.S.-Canada cross border Keystone XL pipeline.



For years the Canadian oilsands have been in competition with the shale boom in the United States and now in early 2021 there is a positive outlook from financial experts and Wall Street analysts.



Gemini Fabrication has teamed up with HIVE Innovations for our first annual Green Shirt Day initiative. The purpose of our Green Shirt Day initiative is to team up with willing partners and engage in our community in a meaningful way while encouraging environmental mindfulness.

2020 has been a year of curveballs and new challenges; which of course means new opportunities. With the emergence of the COVID Global Pandemic, and so many new bylaws, restrictions and pandemic-related corporate policies – our options were very limited.

In order to push forward with our first annual Green Shirt Day initiative we decided to team up with the talented folks over at HIVE Innovations and organize a site clean-up activity at Gemini Fabrications 55 acre fabrication facility in Ponoka, Alberta. We spent the day doing clean-up, reclamation and recycling tasks at the Ponoka facility and in typical Gemini and HIVE fashion; had a blast doing it!

We had a fantastic time cleaning up the yard and got everything in tip-top shape; ready for the next year of some of Western Canada’s top fabrication projects to be completed on budget and on time!

We can’t wait for Green Shirt Day 2021 and the fun challenge that may bring us!

Industrial shot of a pipeline. Railway industry


BUILD’s highly anticipated Construction & Engineering Awards returns in 2020 for the fifth consecutive year. The ever-popular Construction & Engineering Awards remains a key part of BUILD magazine’s awards programme portfolio and Gemini Fabrication could not be more excited an honored to receive the award for ‘Best Fabrication Company in Western Canada’ for 2020.

With sustainable solutions, greater HSE standards and regulations including ever challenging environmental considerations, there are many new challenges and opportunities in this vital and ever-evolving space. The markets involved in these endeavours continue to experience growth, and this is something we aim to celebrate through this awards programme.

The team of experts at Gemini Fabrication has taken the challenges brought forward in 2020 with the drop in global oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic and turned them into opportunities. That’s what Gemini Fabrication does best – we innovate and truly work outside of the box to create opportunities and total wins where many companies would find themselves stumbling.

Around the globe the coronavirus has had a huge impact on most individuals and businesses. Most countries and industries are feeling the impact from COVID-19 but we are hopeful this will only have a short term effect on the market. Weather this be the case, or not, Gemini Fabrication will be continuing to innovate and provide value to our clients.

Gemini Fabrication is extremely proud and humbled by this award and we will continue to push forward and be leaders in the fabrication space.



As new tree growth erupts from the ashes of a devastating forest fire – so has Gemini Fabrication. Gemini Fabrication has risen out of the receivership of Gemini Corporation and is all the more stronger because of it.

“Thanks to the efforts of the Ponoka team, along with the outside support they received, they were able to save the fabrication entity of Gemini and 150 jobs…”

TONAE’ HAMILTON, Oilman Magazine

Oilman Magazine has written an article outlining the success of Gemini Fabrication after the receivership of Gemini Corporation. Please check out the online article by clicking the link below.


Alternatively, if you’d like to flip through the digital version of Oilman Magazine, you can click the link below to view the digital print of this issue.



Husky Energy – Collaborative Partner 2019

Creating solid, trusted partnerships is always a long road. It takes effort on both ends to build a solid foundation that both partners can build on. Husky Energy and Gemini Fabrication is one of those partnerships. Husky Energy and Gemini Fabrication working together has seen many projects come to a successful completion.

Due to the successful collaborative efforts on both sides, Gemini Fabrication has presented Husky Energy with our ‘Collaborative Partner of the Year’ award. Gemini welcomed some of the Husky Energy staff to our downtown Calgary office to celebrate with a great lunch, some awards and as always – some awesome Gemini Fabrication SWAG!

Congratulations to Husky Energy and we look forward to another year working alongside such an amazing team!


Gemini Fabrication Celebrates It’s One Year Anniversary

Here we are, one year later! Today, October 1st, 2019; Gemini Fabrication celebrates it’s one year anniversary. It’s been exactly one year since Gemini Fabrication hit the ground running and what an amazing year it’s been. Today was a day of reflection and celebration as the whole team got together for another one of our famous Staff BBQ’s. We had staff join us from all over Alberta as we came together in celebration of our accomplishments over this past year.

All of us at Gemini Fabrication are excited to move into our second year of operation and continue to bring our very best to the table in 2020. It’s going to be another year of challenges and wins and we’re looking forward to growing as a team and as a company.


Lean Manufacturing

After a long road in the industry, I decided to educate myself on the principles of lean manufacturing by starting with understanding what it is and where it comes from. Lean manufacturing is a method developed by the Japanese company Toyota, and it is used in eliminating waste in a manufacturing system. Essentially, this practice aims to add more value to the structure by reducing everything else to improve the value of products and customer interaction.

Canadian manufacturing companies have been trying to revise this process and address the growing needs of the production segment of the oil and gas industry. Lean manufacturing produces enormous improvements in efficiency, cycle time, productivity, material costs, and scrap, all of which leads to lower costs and a better competitive position. Gemini generates a higher ROI for our clients by taking this approach.

Doing more with less by employing “lean thinking”!

~Popularized by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones in their 1996 book ‘Lean Thinking.’ Also called lean production.

Less is more. Keeping the number of parts in a product down to a minimum will keep the manufacturing costs down and simplify the process. Involving manufacturing companies at the early stages will help align all common goals and make a more productive scope of work.

Gemini uses a process with the least amount of handling. Once material has been received, all materials are delivered to the respected disciplines, considering the progression of assembly. Where possible, work is planned at Gemini such that activities flow in one direction from start to finish, having functional services located central to all.

When designing a product, Gemini Fabrication likes to work up front with design teams to establish “Constructability”. With our large yard, we can build modules at the direction and heights that equipment will be positioned on location. This increases safety and reduces costs with logistics. Preplanning can increase our clients ROI. At Gemini we build long lasting partnerships.

Quality Engrained in the DNA!

“Lean” indicates that the quality be built-in to the manufacturing process. This means from the design phase down to the packaging; quality should exist all throughout.

Gemini upholds a reputation for exemplary emphasis on quality. We apply unparalleled attention to detail, which allows us to consistently deliver products you can trust and rely on. We achieve this through our bottom up approach, quality starts on the shop floor. Everything from material management, quality assurance, and thorough employee training programs. This level of quality is a company wide value that is ingrained in the DNA of every employee.

Eliminating waste!

The main principle of lean is to eliminate waste. In the manufacturing environment, several forms of waste may be produced due to overproduction, unnecessary motion, inventory, defects, waiting, over-processing, and transportation. These types of waste can also be applied to different types of businesses. In the process of eliminating waste, it is important to investigate the diverse areas within the organization and determine the non-value-added work, so that it can be reduced or eliminated. Engaging Gemini’s employees on roles and responsibilities with a clear path is important to our process. Our high performing team clearly communicates throughout all phases of fabrication to ensure efficient project execution on multiple projects simultaneously.

Just in Time production – commonly known as “JIT”

Basically, the just-in-time principle indicates that manufacturing companies should only make what is required, when it is required, stocking no inventory or very minimal, while considering the timeline of the product.

Gemini’s 54-acre facility specializes in custom fabrication. Our experience, attention to detail and commitment to quality allows us to offer superior fabrication and packaging of process equipment to all clients. Our knowledgeable workforce ensures the complete module is constructed at the highest possible quality by:

1) Utilizing an inventory management system. The management of the tools & equipment, which includes preservation and maintenance.

2) Gemini’s existing clients allow us to pre load our labour force in advance. Leveled production is an important foundation in lean manufacturing. It emphasizes that the workload should be replicated. Having a core group of staff allows Gemini to move laterally very quickly to tackle the most complex projects.

3) Gemini pre plans work to schedule each discipline, directly after the previous task is completed, ensuring a steady “FLOW”.

By having plenty of space for client inventory, the receipt of free issue material can be stored at one place making it more economically feasible in logistics. As some long lead items are needed to be secured prior to fabrication, our 15-acre lay down yard ensures clients do not need to set up other staging sites if projects get delayed.

Gemini’s company culture “everyone” takes pride and ownership in the product we create

“We have made a commitment to quality and safety. Our purpose at Gemini is to ensure we offer supreme corporate governance through every level of the company towards this commitment.”

Andy Farrow – President

Never stop pushing the needle on perfection.

It is critical that Gemini strives for a system of lean production and lean management. While lean manufacturing is easy to understand, it is often challenging to implement as it requires new viewpoints and management procedures throughout the value stream. Innovation can be utilized in all areas of a manufacturer’s business model. Lean thinking can be created around services, processes, distribution channels, and partner companies.

Gemini accomplishes jobs with speed and accuracy. High work volume can only increase efficiency. When we add more volume, this is where we develop a replication model suitable and adaptable on all models of the oil and gas industry.

Our dedicated staff believes in always being better today than you were yesterday. Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share your appreciation and gratitude with people, it goes a long way. Gemini believes in our team.

“A team you can count on. A product you can trust”