TR-NWR Fort Hills Mod Assembly, Pipe, Structural, E&I and Insulation

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Module Assembly of Pipe and Structural, E&I and Insulation of 48 Modules.


Gemini was awarded 48 modules to erect structural steel for, install piping on, complete final tie-in’s, NDE, and pressure testing on, as well as trace and insulate. Along with this work, Gemini was tasked with 18 Vessels to repair/rework do to fabrication error made by an overseas provider, added to our scope midway through the project. Gemini condensed the project schedule by 4 months and had a peak man power of 550 people between assorted craft.


Fourty-eight (48) Modules, Structural Assembly, Pipe Assembly, E&I, Insulation.  Included modifications to supplied Equipment (vessels), tie-in welding, structural and pipe fabrication as required.


  • 48 modules
  • On time
  • On budget
  • Resulted in repeat work
  • $20-million-dollar project
131 (2)

Husky Wellpads, Wellpairs and & CPF Facilities

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Husky Energy

Wellpads 5-8 wellpairs & CPF Facilities


Gemini's relationship with Husky is based on collaboration and accountability and a joint effort to have the highest quality and most cost effective program possible. We worked as the sole sourced fabricator to deliver a program under budget with reduced timelines than expectations. 


Wellpad: Fabrication, Assembly, E&I and Insulation of Up to 18 Modules and 1 ship loose piping package

CPF: Fabrication, Assembly, E&I and Insulation of 15 Modules and 13 ship loose piping packages



Project Start: 2015 - Present

Project Completion: 13 Wellpad facility projects & 4 CPF Projects

Duration: Wellpad – 3.5 Months  |  CPF – 8 Months

Safety @ Completion: 0 TRIF/0 LTI

Total FDI: Wellpad:  6860.5 FDI per Wellpad  |  CPF: 39,752 FDI per CPF

Total Assembly: Wellpad: 3050 LM Pipe installed x 13  |  CPF: 3450 LM Pipe Installed x 4 + Ship loose spools hydrotested

Total Cable Tray: Wellpad: 584 LM  |  CPF: 1242 LM

Total Cable Pulled: Wellpad: 4235 LM  |  CPF: 2045 LM

Total EHT & Glycol trace Installed: Wellpad: 1627 LM  |  CPF: 4185 LM

Total Insulation: Wellpad: 3183LM (+ 756 Soft Covers)  |  CPF: 2249 LM (+ 415 Soft Covers)

Base Load of Module yard – Program to complete 4 Wellpads per year and 1 CPF Facility.

Central Processing Facilities:

Well Pads:


Fluor Fort Hills Module Assembly

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Fluor Fort Hills

Module Assembly for Fort Hills Energy LP Utilities Project


Assembly, E&I and Insulation of seventeen (17) Modules  


Project Start: February 2016

Project Completion: August 2016

Duration: 7 Months

Safety @ Completion: 0 TRIF/0 LTI/0 Medical/2 Property Damage/1 Near Miss

Weld Repair @ Completion: 1.89%

Total FDI: *Tie in welds only (supplied spools) 6887 FDI

Total LM Pipe: 2825 LM

Total KGs Steel: 746,577 KGS

Total EHT: 3546 LM

Total Cable: 6380 LM (1263 LM tray) 

Total Insulation: 2125 LM, 8 Pieces of Equipment (vessels), Soft Covers


CNRL Mod Fab and Assembly

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Module Fabrication and Assembly for Kirby North 19A Tank Farm


Gemini's relationship with CNRL was transparent and collaborative. We worked together to ensure the best project outcomes for this modules project. 

Fabrication and Assembly of 14 Modules and 4 Ship Loose Pipe packages, including Electrical, Instrumentation and Insulation


Project Start: September 2017

Project Completion: May 2018

Duration: 7 months

Safety @ Completion: 0 First Aid / 0 LTI / 0 TRIF / 1 Medical / 1 Modified Duty / 1 Near Miss

Weld Repair Percentage @ Completion: 1.7%

Total FDI: 28,912 FDI

Total LM Pipe: 7080 LM Installed (+ Hydro of Ship Loose Pipe spools)

Total KGs Steel: 586,507 KGs Fabricated and Erected

Total EHT: 11,667 LM

Total Cable: 3081 LM (+ 2442 LM Cable Tray)

Total Insulation: 4129 LM (+ 397 soft covers)