Planning the future of fabrication.Our combined 30 years of experience and commitment to leading edge manufacturing methods have created our clear vision for the future


To deliver highest quality products and services in the Oil & Gas sector while maintaining supreme standards in safety.


Gemini Fabrication aims to be Western Canada’s leading fabrication facility for modular production, safety compliance and company culture.

Our Team

Andy Farrow


Andy is a multifaceted business professional with a passion for continuous improvement and divergent thinking. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the operational teams, risk management, as well as overseeing the company’s policies and procedures. Andy has previously held senior positions in financial and operational management within numerous private and public companies.

Andrew Buhaj

Business Development Manager

Andrew has 15 years experience passionately managing Sales and Business Development activities for organizations in oil/gas and manufacturing/construction. He approaches business development from a strategic and client-centric mindset, using research, data, and relationship development to cultivate accounts, grow market share, and drive team success for Gemini Fabrication.

Tasha Cordel

Lead Project Manager

Tasha possesses a thorough knowledge base in all aspects of fabrication, assembly, project management, materials
controls, scheduling and cost and control management. She has been involved with manufacturing over the past 10 years and has managed every aspect from document control, inventory management, client contracts and project management. Tasha is very knowledgeable regarding the processes and actions required to ensure a project is manufactured to meet client requirements while utilizing the fabrication process effectively. She is an excellent communicator and works well with the Gemini team and the client to ensure reporting functions, needs and information is provided as required.

Our Team

We are setting the standard for fabrication in Western Canada by following one of our core values of Disruption For The Better. That is how we will continue to provide Next Generation Energy Solutions.”

Andy Farrow


At Gemini, our team cohesion has created greater business efficiency. We take that same approach with our clients, by understanding their needs, then working together in cohesion to obtain optimal project success.”

Dain Downs

Director Business Development

Our intention is to create customers who create customers.”

Derek Gardner

Business Development Manager

Our lean manufacturing process streamlines client projects. We all work together to ensure project success.”

Carey Brightwell

Project Manager

Jorge Robinson

Director of Finance

Mark Brown

Project Manager

Geoff Mitchell

Facility Manager

Our Commitment to Superior Service

"We have made a commitement to quality and safety. Our purpose at Gemini is to ensure we offer supreme corporate governance through every level of the company towards this commitment. "

- Andy Farrow, President