Gemini Fabrication has released the second episode in our mini-interview series. Come with us as we take you on a journey to meet some of the leaders and industry experts who help make Gemini Fabrication the #1 Fabricator in Western Canada. Find out from the inside why Gemini has continually set the bar for project delivery, safety and quality with our well-defined execution strategy.

In this second episode we will be chatting with Scott Carson who is the Piping Forman at Gemini Fabrication’s 56-Acre fabrication facility in Ponoka, Alberta. This facility in Ponoka is located right on Alberta’s High Load Corridor which makes shipping and transportation logistics a breeze when it comes to moving completed modules from our fabrication facility to site.

In this episode we will be talking to Scott about what it’s like working at Gemini and some of his experience regarding modularization which is what Gemini Fabrication truly excels at.

“What we do the best is well pads and well pad packages”

Scott Carson – Gemini Fabrication

Scott has been with Gemini for 12 years and is an integral part of our fabrication, piping and assembly processes. Many of the team members that Scott works with have also been with Gemini for many years. Having such a solid group of professionals to work with is one of the major contributors to Gemini’s overall success.

Take a few minutes to sit down and watch Episode 02 and hear it straight from one of Gemini’s experts!

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