Gemini Fabrication, Insulation division’s goal, is to maintain customer satisfaction, by providing quality thermal insulation, in a safe and efficient manner. Drawing from a wealth of experience. Our team is driven by safety minded individuals, who take pride in executing work to the highest standards, specific to client needs and specifications. We are capable of providing professional, courteous service in any work environment, from small remote wellhead locations, compressor stations, to large industrial facilities. With a strong focus on module pipe systems, at our facility in Ponoka, Alberta.

Condensation control - we use Foam Glass insulation, which is designed to wick moisture away from the pipe we can eliminate the formation of condensation on pipework and avoid the potential for corrosion 

Heat conservation – Insulation used together with a heat medium, such as Electrical or Glycol tracing will protect critical systems from freezing and allow the piped commodity to operate with optimal viscosity.

Cryogenic/cold work- insulation can be applied to maintain temperatures as low as -163 c

Noise controls – insulation can prevent noise transfer by acting to damp the pipe wall 

Personnel Protection - pipe insulation can be used to bring surface touch temperatures into a safe range.

Materials Gemini Fabrication uses:

  • Mineral Wool
  • Calcium Silicate
  • Foam Glass
  • Aluminum cladding
  • Stainless steel cladding

We are fully capable of assisting is all aspects of the insulation trade, specializing in heat conservation, Personnel protection, cold work, cryogenic, new construction, facilities maintenance, module fabrication, insulated removable blankets, utilidor boxes and buildings, vessels and towers. Anything between the fences that you need kept warm or cold we can do it all.