Module Assembly

“Bringing projects to life and on time.”

Gemini’s 54-acre facility specializes in modular assembly. Our experience, attention to detail and commitment to quality allows us to offer superior module assemblies to all clients. Gemini’s Ponoka team are the #1 fabrication and assembly team in Alberta. Our knowledgeable workforce ensures the complete module is constructed at the highest possible quality.


  • Focus on project planning and execution
  • Complete review and constructability of all work
  • Assembly under Gantry crane with 400’ length and 50’ width 30’ height 40+ tonne lifting capabilities
  • Erection of pre-fabricated steel 150+ tonnes a week
  • Large volume hydro testing capabilities
  • Assembly of ship loose items and inline components to meet client requirements
  • Integrated material tracking and expedited work flows reducing constraints
  • Hydro testing pre-assembly