Well Pads & Well Pairs

“Running Lean & Embracing Standardization.”

Gemini is Alberta’s industry leader in Well Pad / Well Pair fabrication. As an expert in providing modular fabrication for a series of Well Pad & Well Pair installations. A Firm Focus on Reducing Redundancies. Practices such as decreasing spacing between well rows & wellheads, weather it requires staggering or not, is a key element to cost savings as it reduces steel costs. Lean Manufacturing. Doing More with Less. Less is more. Keeping the number of parts in a product down to a minimum will keep the manufacturing costs down and simplify the process. Gemini employs a culture of lean manufacturing on all our projects.  The adoption of this allows owners to move immediately at a low cost and high value-creating a key cost/performance indicator.


  • Standardized for 1 – 9 well pairs per building
  • Full test capabilities
  • Ship completed to site
  • Wellhead piping tie-ins
  • Adaptable to various well layouts and production / start-up strategies
  • Configurable for gas lift, rod pumps and ESPs, single or dual string completions and slant wells
  • Testing facilities
  • Vertical 2 phase test separators
  • Horizontal 3 phase test separators
  • Group Separation, produced gas condensing, multi-phase pumps